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My open relationship!

Wanna judge me? By all means, go ahead... I hope you can add it to your resume that you also do a good job in judging people! Yes, I am in relationship and very much so-happy and content! Following a conversation this morning in a local radio station, a host asked his co-host, "how could… Continue reading My open relationship!

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Former Lover Boy

There is no internet in jail, neither java nor art caffΓ¨. My body wasn't even made for jail and so for the above mentioned reasons, I'll try restrain myself from sliding a knife through your throat. I'm grateful to this whole scenario cause it goes to affirm that I am indeed human characterized by real… Continue reading Former Lover Boy

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Emotional or Physical?

Heeeellllo So my blog turned one today, ah no I mean yesterday! 12 months of blogging congratulations to me!!! And to many more... πŸ™‚ Moving on swiftly, can we address last week’s post? Honesty goals…someone? Anyone??. People were all up in my case, not in a "throwing stones" kinda way but they were like eeeeh… Continue reading Emotional or Physical?