With the current state of things in this country, there is really nothing "to happy new year" about, but for formalities sake, happy new year all! Loyal readers and new readers too!Β I have been nominated for a Liebstar award. Yeeeeeiiiiiih! It’s my first time getting nominated and I am super excited. I must say it… Continue reading LIEBSTAR AWARD

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Love of Endless Talk!

One thing I knew for a fact before I joined campus is that I wanted to join radio and now I would not have it any other way. One key thing I have learnt from my mentors and I'll share with you is "There is someone who is always watching!"Β  Began when I started shadowing… Continue reading Love of Endless Talk!

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Emotional or Physical?

Heeeellllo So my blog turned one today, ah no I mean yesterday! 12 months of blogging congratulations to me!!! And to many more... πŸ™‚ Moving on swiftly, can we address last week’s post? Honesty goals…someone? Anyone??. People were all up in my case, not in a "throwing stones" kinda way but they were like eeeeh… Continue reading Emotional or Physical?