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Love of Endless Talk!

One thing I knew for a fact before I joined campus is that I wanted to join radio and now I would not have it any other way. One key thing I have learnt from my mentors and I’ll share with you is “There is someone who is always watching!”Β 

Began when I started shadowing Morning Madness and all I would do is sit at a corner in the studio and just watch guys do their thing. Then we had Captain Wachira, Njuguna Makau would pop in as the producer, DJ Andy Young, Darya Kish and my bosses! (Zeddy wink wink)Little by little, I learnt the art. (there is so much to tell but I’m trynna keep it short cause I’m not a motivational speaker)

Months and years later, I’m a pro at what I do not because I am the the best but because I own it. It is all team effort! What is my day without radio? What is my day without my morning madness family and our everyday editorial breakfast?

Entertaining an established listener-ship is what I do every morning! It does not matter if there was turn up the previous night (hahahha) or I have not had enough sleep for whatever reason, what remains constant is my hours in studio. However small the circle is, I will still wake up and do my thing!

in studio

To everyone in my campus who voted, I am more than grateful for believing in me and in my skills. For those who did not, oh well, I still bagged the award. Those outside campus all I can say is, watch this space cause this girl is gonna make you so damn proud! My listeners, you know how we do it every single say, shout outs lazima na mapenzi tele! I do not know what I would be or rather where I would be were it not for my Morning Madness Family. My co-hosts are just it guys! They are your goals and I mean this literally!


For the love of endless talk!



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