Body Tale

Story story, story come..

I couldn’t recognize the eye color. These were rounded and not my usual almond! I was used to the glare of black eyes and not brown! Nothing about the glare was kind. Hardly no eye contact. No! This eyes weren’t his! If I had a mouth, I’d scream so hard. If I had hands, I’d fight him off…but what could I simply do? I’m just but a pair of eyes…all I do is open and let my body get acquainted to this world or close out everything!


I tingled with every touch. Not a nice kind of tingle! The signals and effect felt were nothing close to warm. All I was getting was a negative sensation. I know this cause I’m my largest sensory organ. This was a painful stimuli…but whose hands were these?

Normally, I feel his touch on my cheeks. A kind touch full of warmth and love. Always welcoming. One hand then holds me on the chin and brings me closer to plant a kiss on my mouth. He then hugs me and his touch on my body is just glorious. When I feel his touch on my waist, I always get a tingling sensation. A nice kind of tingle. A pleasurable stimuli. Sometimes, he goes lower but…well, no need for details.

Nothing of that was in this specific touch. These hand were rough! My heels are even softer! I had registered this tactile already. It wasn’t pleasurable. I did not want it. I was fighting it in every possible way I knew how!

The energy being exchanged here wasn’t mutual. His hands were imposing their way round me! I did not want this kind of touch. I had done nothing to invite it. At this point, I wished to be a porcupine! Instead of being smooth, all I wanted was the coat of spines to protect every other organ in me. I feared for every element covered by me.

I was bruised. Part of where I covered my wrists, hurt. He was denting me, but why???

Was my color the issue? I had one to many scars. I was flawed…what was attractive about that? Don’t and stop is all I could manage to say, but off course I couldn’t be heard. I did not have a mouth. All I had were a million and one pores. Instead of sweat, I wanted to let out blood. That would have scared him but all I did was release water…well, sweat!

Is it because I had been dressed in a revealing outfit? All she did was just show off some part of me and not everything…trust. I’d have complained and developed goosebumps asking to be covered up.

With every second I felt helpless. I couldn’t help but think I was letting every other organ in me down. Intuitively I knew something was wrong. I needed to act, but what kind of action? Freezing was an option, but one I couldn’t opt for! I was lacking in strength. He was overpowering me.

I just couldn’t anymore…and there he defiled me!





















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