To The Girl Who Slept With My Boyfriend!

Hey, its Ella. Ella Waigi.

Ella 2

That’s right. Don’t tilt/change…your whatever you are reading this post on. It’s me, live and typing!

No empathy, no nothing!

Get a snack.

Settle in, because I’m about to tell you the story of my life. (well part of what you already know)

More specifically, why you cannot come close as to a reason why I’d end my life.

And if you are reading this post, its cause I enjoy every bit of writing about you.

I am saying what brings you into the story! But fear not, or maybe a little cause you have no idea what I’m made of!

Ever wondered why you come in second? Well, among many reasons it’s because I’m the girl with the better game than you. There is a reason as to why am the main and you the side! Help me understand, can’t you simply water your own garden? Must you trample on the grass I worked so hard to make green?

Girl you couldn’t stick to your lane? Why though? Or maybe sleeping with other girls men is what you thrive on? Does it give you gratification? You realize he could be on top of you but he’s thinking about me??? How does it settle in your head that you are like a convenient store?

Hold up though, you thought a little romp in the sheets would make you a keeper? Hahahaha girl piiiiiiiiiiiiz…And you actually had expectations? Woooooow

You know, if you were the one, then you wouldn’t be some kind of third wheel! Right? See, you can’t be a typical girl! You cannot cause drama! You cannot be petty! You cannot demand for anything! As a matter of fact, you cannot be emotional! Your feelings don’t matter at all!

Why are you trying to make a competition where there is none? This is not finders keepers, okay? He had been found already!

I’d want to shout at you, call you ugly names and trample you on the ground like some piece of garbage, but I’ll not. I wouldn’t want to stain my hands with your sad self! I’ll be the bigger person and be rational! I’ll take it for the team since you forced your way into our lives. We cannot even meet halfway, you simply cannot keep up!

Don’t give me reasons or explanations, your work here is to listen…

You cannot insinuate that our relationship was on the rocks, it was between he and I, not the three of us!

It was an accident!Whaaat? Are you even sane right now? An accident is falling over your bike not spreading your legs!

It’s not like I meant to hurt you! Just get the hell out of my face cause clearly the devil is working overtime in my life!

Ella angry

Is your self-esteem so low that you must have someone to assure your existence and give you some warmth? Can you not stand your own company?

I forgive you! Not because you are apologetic but because I’m way better than you! Your little escapades with my man will not lead me to depression! You’ll not bring me down in any way whatsoever! Why would I even give you the pleasure?

You think I’ll cry to your realization? Try harder!

Tell me though, you wanna keep him? Have him all to yourself? I give you the leeway! Clearly what you want in life is left overs…s/o to you girl! Do what you do best! I shall let you prosper…







23 thoughts on “To The Girl Who Slept With My Boyfriend!

  1. Eeeh. Nimeona romp. Rompers. Romping. Romp him πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ only a few would get this. But damn girl, such an amazing post. And the photos βœ” portray perfect emotion for this. …. Continue Mami. Continue exposing them.


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