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Sad Truths…

Uuuhm, to be quite honest I have thought about this post for a while now…a little over 6 months…yea, you can imagine and what made it spark again is a series I was watching over the weekend and some guy said “…whatever decision you make, be confident in it that you don’t have to lie about it”

Sooooo yah, and out of that I figured, heey, it’s about time. Now we are faced with choices every single day and we are half what we are cause of the choices we make. I’m not gonna go deep…this isn’t the post but lemmie share some ugly truths that we’ve told or been told. Hahahahahh life can be funny!!!!

  1. Some people aren’t looking for anything more than a hook up. Oh yes, male or female, it doesn’t matter. They are simply there for the sex. Do yourself a favourt and dare not ask “what are we” after the stroke game. Just take a shower and pretend like you just mopped the house, got sweaty and then cleaned up.
  2. It’s good to be an optimist…yeh? Nothing but positive vibes…but a thot is a thot and man, wifing a thot is just eeeeh, tricky…
  3. Team “nibuyie” (buy for me) is here to stay. Sadly there is this crop of women that will never pay for anything. They will carry 200 bob and go wild at privee. The whole event will be on snapchat mind you and you might be the one paying for the bundles even. In anycase, if you fall out, you’ll sponsor the uber ride…hahhahaha women though smh
  4. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. If it is, there must be someone watering it or something but sadly some people will go step on that grass and even lie on it as you go fetch the water…
  5. Girls, listen and listen good, men will never be ready for the “talk”. Got something to say, spill it like yesterday!!!
  6. Someone who hurt you isn’t automatically going to have bad karma! At least not in the immediate future. Now hold up cause even I am a firm believer in karma but what if they apologize and redeem themselves? Anyway that’s not the point, and I know it only seems fair but sometimes those who hurt and betray you move on happilly and you are left there in shambles. Could you quit whining and move on. You’d be shocked to find out they are in a better place than you. I mean, even hurtbae moved on…
  7. When a guy says or a girl for that matter says they don’t wanna be in a relationship, it’s as simple as they particularly don’t want you as their other halves, cause if they did, they’d be ready to compromise…
  8. She will break up with you over a whatsapp audio note and guess who is to blame? Technology if at all it makes you feel any better.
  9. If your absence doesn’t affect them, your presence never mattered.
  10. Not everyone likes you, but not everyone matters.
  11. And how females curve you:
  • soon
  • maybe
  • lol
  • your silly
  • i was busy
  • i just saw this text
  • we’ll see
  • i’ll let you know
  • 1 day…



16 thoughts on “Sad Truths…

  1. Love it…. Especially the fact that you said it as it is 😌the whole truth and nothing but the truth πŸ˜‰
    PS: This post should have come much sooner but better late than never πŸ‘Œ

    Liked by 1 person

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