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Over they few years I’ve lived, I believe in coincidences less and less and especially when it comes to friendships. If we cross paths, there must be a reason. Either I’m gaining or learning from you or vice versa and if I’m not but you are, I’ll not walk, I’ll stick around…all for the greater good.

Now there are friends who come into your life for two things only. Some will show you what kind of friends you’ve had and some will show you what friends (s) you’ve been missing out on…it all depends on how you look at it.

One thing that does irritate me so bad is this lot of friends who need approval from other friends or parties to confirm what they’ve said. They rely on masses so that their way can be the way. Now pls listen and listen keenly, if you are my friend, believe what I say as for what it is. I don’t need my other friends to back me up…and if you can’t I don’t see the reason as to why we are friends. Friendship cannot be cultivated with such trust issues.

There are friends who walk and there are those who stay. What do I exactly mean? Had a fall out, and you realize things aren’t working out or something like that…and the only sane option is to walk out…then walk! But I know for a fact that some of us will stay even as they walk away. We stay not because we are naive but because we know it is well within us. So you want time? Time you shall get…you go, when you want back, I’ll be here.

There are those friends who make you doubt yourself! They make you doubt your self-worth! Again you could look at it like an optimist or a pessimist. Could be you are just pathetic…your life is just sad (no offense). You know, if you don’t have that self worth well….it is what it is but maybe you actually do need to work on yourself and realize that you could be better. That you are worth more than you could even imagine.

As for those who use you as a means to their ends…well somehow you did allow it to happen and so no reason to coz! If not, I’m sorry …

“I’m trying to find my identity…” what most of us if not all of us say. Hold up though, I thought we were all born or created with our identity!.!. Now I get every day is a lesson and we learn new things everyday but what I don’t get is why we need to find our identity! It only means we are relying on other people’s influences to form what we are…get the drift?

Possibly can’t end this post without giving a shout out to all the friends thriving in the zone! This sure isn’t for the faint hearted ones! And men some times you need to take a chill pill because we get zoned as well! So shout out to all the mamis in the zone as well….If anything, count yourself damn lucky…you got all the tricks…

The two songs I’m playing back and forth is FAB-Jojo ft Remy Ma and F.F.F.-Bebe Rexha ft G Eazy…I’m not saying anything only that this post has been long overdue and today was just the day.



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