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A Min Pls…

P.S. for this post to make sense you have to read this post sudan journalist.

This follows a conversation that was going round campus this week.

When I read the story I was shocked, saddened, disgusted…I could go on! I called my girl, a Muslim friend of mine and asked her to help me understand…but even with that I wasn’t satisfied and I sought to get deeper meaning. I went to this amazing amazing lady, a professor as a matter of fact and told her to break it down for me and so she did…might I add she a Muslim too.

Apostasy-the abandonment/ renunciation of a religion/religious belief.

We deal with 7 characters/polarities…

RELIGION-role of religious leaders in the society, JOURNALISM fourth estate function/gate-keeping role,WOMEN-a voice in the society…,GENDER GAP, VALUES, TABOO and finally HYPOCRISY.

Starting from the bottom…


This is the part I say fruits of the holy spirit are my portion especially patience and self-control cause some things I just cannot deal. There is no need to pretend or claim to have moral standards to which some of your behaviors don’t conform. People are having sex, period! Research shows the same! SMH!!!


Society? Here we go again! The social norms, systems and beliefs prohibit us from discussing particular things and sex has to be one of them. To some extent, I blame the society because we are in a different era and some things need to be talked about and addressed…


Yeah, I get. Important because they spell out our worth. Good thing to have some values to hold on to. They mould you to being a better being or rather thanks to them, you are the person you are.


We know this all too well right? Whatever our elders say, we are supposed to follow without question. They have been there before us and they know better…but sometimes we need to “agree to disagree” on some issues…(no disrespect)



get the drift?


Until recent times, a woman has no voice and she comes second to man…but hey we have women who are championing for greater courses and they need not to be belittled. Change is inevitable. This is where I’d preach but not today…

Clearly, a young journalist who happens to be a lady, decides to be the voice of reason and this is how she ends up being thanked? I lack words.


I get pretty annoyed by people from other fields who make aimless remarks concerning media and the information disseminated to the audience. Ooh media this, ooh media that, ooh media did not do this, ooh media did that wrong, ooh that story wasn’t balanced blah blah blah….like tf?! Try being a professional in the field before you make some remarks! Before you get the information you consume, do you have any idea what process it has to go through? No? I thought so!! So have your opinion but quit blaming anchors/presenters or a whole media house just because…

Now, there is the gate keeping function that media plays in ensuring that raw information has to go through various channels and packaged in a manner you as the audience can consume and y’all, most or some of you need to understand that the media will talk about issues affecting the society (good & bad) …

This journalist had every right to use the media to educate the masses on condom usage considering the study conducted which showed that 80% of those infected with HIV/AIDS got it from sexual intercourse!!!


Touchy and tricky in its own accord.

Religious leaders have their role in the society as well. They guide us and act as role models. Intercess etc.

Most of the people did not talk so kind of the cleric and the comment he made but think about it, he is a cleric and he has to guide his people in a certain way and if he keeps quiet about certain issues, then who shall address them? So before passing judgement so fast, think twice…

Now my lecturer says all the time in class that everyone is entitled to their opinion..but I think it’s equally important to mention that even with your opinion, don’t impose it on others.



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