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Lowkey terms or nah?

Here we go again! So a friend of mine passed on to me this screenshot and asked me if i agree or dispute, and well being a girl eehm I guess some things just go without saying…

So I decided to bring it here and see what y’all think. If you agree or disagree.

I apologize if you find this image offensive.

The last 2 of my posts have become quite touchy and well I’m not about to stop. Since men can freely have side chics why can’t women have side brothers too??? Isn’t it only fair? now with that said, I introduce this bone of contention.

I don’t know if I should apologize to the male species on behalf of all the mamis or just chill on the side lane and just watch sh*t unfold. Men, look there are 3 things; stick to one woman and be faithful to her, have a sidechic but let her in on it (haha well if she agrees to it) and lastly have a sidechic but at the back of your head know that you are digging your own grave. I have never studied psychology or the female anatomy to explain why the female species are the way they are but men, I guess you just have to settle with what we simply are.

We wanna be known man. We want you to introduce us to your friends. We want you to take us shopping and stuff. We want to feel important. We wanna have our place in the society. We want our due respect! Aayt? We love publicity! (well, them..)As for you men, being low-key is your thing! Thrive on it cause man, we simply can’t and sorry, but that you just have to deal with.

They say women cheat more than men do, don’t know if its true or not but if so is the case, then there you go. The justification is right there in front of you. A breakdown of a natural phenomenon we could say, huh? Though not a thing to be proud of (getting away with it), I guess sometimes we only have ourselves to blame when karma decides to play out and catch up with some of us. My sister says, karma is a b*tch and sometimes it comes so fast. So, fast or slow, eventually it will happen. Life will only give you what you give it.

Still, I don’t know if I should be thankful to you men, not cause of me but on behalf ofΒ all the mamis out there for having our backs or nah, but man, I guess it is what it is.



14 thoughts on “Lowkey terms or nah?

  1. This phenomenon of side chicks is a suicide thing ….. N never say men cheat more because they cheat with a woman….. The best thing i can say is that everyone is curius n want to know more……thats my defination of cheating

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