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Emotional or Physical?


So my blog turned one today, ah no I mean yesterday! 12 months of blogging congratulations to me!!! And to many more… 🙂

Moving on swiftly, can we address last week’s post? Honesty goals…someone? Anyone??. People were all up in my case, not in a “throwing stones” kinda way but they were like eeeeh Ella you giving us ideas or what??? So now, no I wasn’t giving anyone ideas, I just thought it’s something worth discussing, it held water anyway…

So lemmie give my sentiments… There is something called compromise if it’s anything to go by! Now the sad truth is that there is someone out there who has a better game than you! Yeah so your man might be all good and stuff but there is another guy whose got game for days and so is your shawty! There is someone who is bad and boujee it’s not even funny! So what to do now? If someone is really worth the salt, worth the trouble and God knows what, then compromising shouldn’t really be an issue cause she or he got you no matter what! If the sex isn’t good, uuuhm tell a brother to up his game. If she isn’t making you good food, teach her how to or take her to a catering school, I mean…

Eeehm so now can we discuss something that we couldn’t agree on with my crew…Physical or emotional cheating?! I’m not gonna ask which one you’d rather cause they all hurt AF but, mmmnh but, boy don’t you dare cheat on me emotionally! Like don’t. Don’t even think about cause I’ll be done with you before it’s even over. Like why you do me like that? The reason I’m with you is cause I have an excellent emotional connection with you.

They argued that they’d rather emotional to physical! Their justification was, “you cannot un-sleep with someone”, “you cannot undo the deed” and true you cannot but still… They went ahead and said, feelings are temporary, they come and go and so it’s just a fling and it will end and he will come back to you. “Emotions? That we can work on the both of us”, what he said.

This discussion came from a question that this fella asked in studio. At this point we’ve already established there is someone out there with a better game than you, then you get to know who the specific individual is. The potential. The potential who is always there! The threat we could say! Screw kidogo tu and you’ll be reduced to history! Now with that said and done, if you know who the potential is, what to do???

That is how emotional and physical cheating came about…

So eeh tell me what to do??? Do you cause a fuss where there is none, do you do nothing about it till it’s too late?


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