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Honesty goals…someone? Anyone??


I’m assuming y’all have seen this screenshot and if you haven’t well here it is…

I’m not even gonna go into the new year bull…so let’s save one another on that but hey it’s my first post in 2017, so cheers to that I guess…Well it’s a blog in works that’s why I haven’t posted in so long.

Back to the issue at hand…anyone interested in having some real honesty goals??? The minute I saw this screen shot I was impressed. Literally!!! So I break it down, we gotta a couple here that has terms and conditions, ey? So the wife has allowed her man to have a side chic and so has the husband to the wife. Cool agreement don’t you think???

Let’s shift the discussion for a minute, you see how the society has made it okay for men to sleep around and stuff and be deemed a hero? But when a woman does the same she is reduced to a thot? Get the drift? Let’s borrow that ideology here;

Following a discussion we were having, some guys pointed out the need to make side chics official and an accepted ‘minority’ in the society! Just like the way the mami in that screenshot has done. She came to terms with the fact that her man cannot stick to only her and so what did she do? She allowed her man to have a side chic but on condition she was let in on what was going on! And the husband? Very happy I assume, came out clean so they both don’t have to worry about cheating on one another. And the same applied for the wife.

What a female friend said, it’s a cool arrangement or agreement whichever, if it was stipulated at the very beginning of a relationship.

Another wouldn’t even hear of it at all!!! Not in her wildest dreams!

What a guy friend said, it’s going to reduce the number of STIs and STDs in relationships/marriages.

Hahahha then another guy was like, no more shock upon discovery! No hell will break loose and no furniture will be broken.

‘Course more guys were another said, women need to accept to be helped, you know…since we have that lot that is career oriented, someone has to take over the shift…

Then one that got me cracked up for days is when this guy said #endthesidejamaastigma!!! Yooo and he wasn’t even laughing, tend to think he be a side brother…he went ahead to add that they have been soo much in the darkness and it was about time they came to light…

That just topped it for me. Allow me to say that my friend’s views aren’t my own views! So moving on, what do y’all think? Uuhm my views, hmmmm well how about I don’t go that route and just let you share what you have? But one thing for sure is, I find it cool like really cool, those are honesty goals I’d want to have and it’s something I’d highly appreciate if someone actually voiced it.

As for part 2 of the 48HFP, for everyone who is waiting, I’ll sort you real soon.

Ooh and a thot is a hoe, for those who didn’t know.



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