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48HFP Part 1

48HFP is a film project where you get to shoot a film in only 48 hours. Only! Its not even funny. Think it’s easy??? Heeeeee this is the time you know the devil is a liar!

Pre-production, production and post production all in 2 days. So for this year it run from Friday 25th November as from 7pm to Sunday 27th November 7pm! So normally what happens is you go to Alliance Francaise (insert accent) on that Friday for kick off. What happens next is you pick a paper from a hat and on that paper is the genre. Then you are given a prop, a line of dialogue, a character and an occupation of the character that must be seen clear in the film then from there you develop a script.

So let’s talk Friday 25th

I’m in school in the company of one of my bestie running up and down cause for some reason our money is hanging somewhere in the air. Its 6 pm and I cannot leave school before I ensure I have the money to take care of my team. Time is running out on the other end! Luckily I get the money! I have it in my pocket. Its 6:35 pm, will I hack? Will I get to Alliance before its already too late? I remember I jog in the morning and I work out as well and so I turn to my legs! She didn’t leave my side (my bestie) and that wasn’t an option for her either, then a co-producer joined us and we ran. I kid y’all not. I’m sure people were looking at us wondering…Then we picked a matatu and man traffic!!! Tsk, I don’t know what we had done wrong, the gods were against us! At around globe we couldn’t take it anymore we alighted and continued running to Alliance! In Nairobi imagine! with school ids hanging on our necks. Anyway, we finally got there and the genre we got was (wait for it……martial arts! How now?! The martial arts gym in my school is new, people even haven’t started using it! No one in my cast has done martial arts….so what next?

I just signed some paper work and left for school to inform my team on whats up!

We eat at around 9:30 pm and there after head to the editing suite and start brainstorming ideas and preparing a script. We finished the script at 4 am. YouTube is our friend! So we check out some videos on basics for martial arts and pull some stunts! Then if you call sitting on a sit, having your head lie on the window pane (if you think its impossible, take it from me, nothing is impossible) and closing your eyes for an hour-sleeping, then we can say we slept for an hour. Our editing suite is not that cozy just so that you know! The only sophistication there are the Macs!

img-20161125-wa0003Eating supper that day quite oblivious of what was waiting us. Hahah after running in town


Shooting day, Saturday 26th

I have to ensure we have our prop which was the racket and now martial arts costumes. All these are stored in the old gym before we got the student center, eeeih my school be cool like that buuuuuuut, like there always has to be a but!!, but the room in which they are stored was locked and the only person who could open for us was going to come at 8! I call her at 5:30-6 and ask when she can get to school! We need to start shooting! She asks why I hadn’t asked for the materials earlier and I have to explain with such a project we don’t know what we need till we develop a script (As if we have precious time to waste…we are only left with a day and a couple of hours…)so I pull strings and ensure the director can start his work. We start shooting at 7 am and mind you we ‘woke up’ at 5am!

img-20161126-wa0003The guy in blue was Director of photography(DOP-Jeff) camera 1 and the in red was assistant DOP camera 2(Nadia). The one on my DOP’s left is my bestie( Kirigo) the one we ran with and also incharge of continuity and lastly the lady in white was the lead character another one of closest my bestie(Tasha)! As for me, don’t even ask why I have a head gear…


We carry our equipment from the editing suite and head to the students center where we have the gyms. Yeah the gyms! So we go for the martial art section! Set up the lights, sound mixer, cameras on the tripods and one on the dolly, costumes etc! My director takes over! So no breakfast for anyone and the cameras start rolling!

img-20161128-wa0005Trying to adjust to the fact that there is no breakfast.


We had two teams from my school and I was in-charge of EVERYTHING! Its not such a nice post to hold! Too much and I mean too much work. My patience has never been put to test like on those 2 days. People want this people want that, the make up artist bails out last minute, I have to make a million and one calls, one of the camera person is sick I have to make calls and find someone to fill in that gap and what not but if I managed just fine without breaking I like to think of myself as a tough cookie.

img-20161126-wa0002On the verge of giving up! Wanting to call it quits. Nothing seems to be working out!!! The-don’t talk to me now mode! Where fruits of the holy spirit are my portion and I need to calm down.


I shall upload professional photos in part 2. As for these ones, this was the real situation on the ground. The adrenaline? Lets not even go there…

Well let me end part 1 here..

Had better wait for madness in part 2



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