Press Pause on the Play Button

So in my school, it is VCT week! Yea, so that means a lot of condoms are being distributed all round  campus and I’m sure some people are very and I mean very excited. Then there are a couple of stations still round campus that are testing HIV, breast and cervical cancer. There is also the sex discussion going on, on intricate issues making prevention of HIV a task. Among many many things there was the issue of multiple sex partners.

Clearly am saying nothing new here. This is something that has been impounded on us whether we like it or not. Now I’m not here to give you advice on how many sexual partners to have, whether or not to use protection, to have a lesser body count oh and so on and so forth…what am about to talk about is self responsibility.

So question was or is, are you responsible enough to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend whom you are having sex with, (if at all you are) or your friend(s) with benefits, if they are HIV positive or negative? Doesn’t matter if you are using protection or not….so what happens if the condom bursts in the process? Or you think the sperms and or the virus will understand that shit just happened and will not go through? Haaaaaa or are you going to cower away and assume just because he said or she said that is the truth of the matter?

Hahah well, even I surprise myself at times!

Here is the thing, I simply fail to understand why people will opt for some short term pleasure and  fore go long term  pleasure just because they are afraid of standing up and being the better person in a relationship. Just because he or she dint ask for it, or dint ask you to go together to a VCT doesn’t make it okay for you to swipe that issue under the carpet. I thought someone was to take it up for the team?! In any case, you are looking out for the both your souls! And this doesn’t apply only to those in relationships! Even friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment. Just ensure that he is OK or she is OK before indulging in these earthly pleasures.

Taking caution for your life will not cost you much really. But here is what I found out, many people are afraid of being reproached by their partners who play defensive real good. They ask, So you don’t trust me? Where is all this coming from? Do you think I’m being unfaithful? And such like defense mechanism questions…If he really has nothing to hide and is honest with you, he’ll appreciate the fact that you even thought about him or her like that! Additionally, he will ask you to go do that test together!!! I mean, whats the worst that could happen?

They say what you don’t know doesn’t hurt but then again ignorance is expensive.


I’m done!




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