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Shiru love

Hey Shiru…

This is what mama imagines you to be like; rich full black hair, (kinky ‘course! we people of color hunny), very beautiful nails-strong ones too (like yo mamas), such pretty eyes, good command of English!, sarcastic which some might think of as rude but we don’t care right?,  lil miss independent but dependent on God, sophisticated to the core! academia like your granny we’d say ooh and so on and so forth…..

But can I tell you what I’d really want, like really, to be your best friend! There said it.

You see, your granny is the best mother in the whole world but there are things  I wish she talked to me about. Things I wish I’d tell her but that kind of relationship wasn’t cultivated. It ain’t too late ‘course but I’d want us to share these things from the very first day!

Where is this all coming from? Hahah am sure y’all wondering!!! Well, I was only wondering why African parent don’t have sex talk with their kids. It was a heated debate as always and again, no middle ground met. All parties trying to justify their different schools of thought. Okay I respect your ideology…its the same thing as 69 situation and so that’s how I settled on this blog post.

The talk, the sex talk, the elephant in the room!

Now Shiru this is it, you will get to a point where your body will have some changes. Your small boobies will start swelling. It will be painful but the pain will go away with time. Boys will want to touch you, they will lie to your innocent soul that once they do it the pain will go way but hunny that’s a lie. Its biology. Eventually the pain goes away, okay?

Then you will start feeling some typa way…you know! They will want your cookie jar! Now the cookie is yours and only you can decide to give it to whomever you want. Remember the part I said it yours? But also, remember once you get paged, yours stops being yours but ours.The baby becomes part of the society so you might wanna take care of that.

You know I’d want to know who the guy is. Bring him home so that I could meet him. Even I wanna know who tickles my girls fantasy! I’d buy protection even. Not because I’m encouraging you to indulge in sexual escapades but because I want us to  be cautious. And who said girls can’t walk around with these things in their bags?

There’ll also be that time of the month when you be ovulating and tend to be really horny…again its biology. Its science. Tell you what, nature support its own. So don’t jump on it and act on it…nooo. It shall pass. Cool? Your Biology teacher shall explain more.

So that’s it for today hun. We’ll continue some more. I have you for a lifetime anyway!

Nothing but love from you mama



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