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DTR? Uhm, heck yess!!!

On to the next one!

Did y’all read the Listen up bro! blog post? Oh come on, why not? Okay, find it here

So now what I assume you’d gather is I’m the typa, rather she is the typa girl who doesn’t cower from approaching a boy and actually telling him what she is feeling. I think some might take it the wrong way and find it quite intimidating but guess how many chills she gives? 0! ZERO! So they all can think whatever they want and make inferences based on whatever they wish cause I, well she, don’t care!

Following a discussion we had on radio, someone mentioned that girls really love to DTR! (Defining the relationship). This is something like, okay from a girls perspective,

Who am I to you?

What does us (me and you)mean to you?

Is there us?

What is going on between us?

Am I your girlfriend?

Are we in a relationship?

HAHAHAHAHA Thank God am not a boy! And the “we need to talk” talk, ooh boy! That should send a shiver down your spine! How are you expected to answer all those questions? Eeeh, seriously, girls though…smh! But that you have to deal with am sorry! Thing is, am not going to invest in you as a guy if whatever we have going on is not defined! Yoo I need to take care of my feeling and God knows what else. So deal with it and give me answers…but before you do, please, please chose your answers wisely!

Here is the thing, 2 things rather…

Girls: Before you decide to DTR invest time.

Boys: If you don’t define she will, your call…

So now a few tips on when to go ahead and DTR! Mind you, I have done it, true story, not fiction and not even once sooooo…….


  1. If you are having sex, you look forward to the sex, you think of it (whether he is or isn’t good in bed) and there no set term that you were sex buddies or friends with benefits and also if you feel bad if he or she is having sex with someone else.
  2. When you cannot take it no more! You choke at his scent! Its like he’s got you going cray cray! Plus also on that note, if it frustrates you that you are not the woman in his life!
  3. When you are sure that what you feel for him is genuine and you can actually put up with his cons/shortcomings and stupidity!
  4. If you are getting really jealous. Girls you get what I mean, yaah?? Not the irrational kinda way though.
  5. Thinking about him a lot? And I mean ALOOOOOOOT! Hun, don’t stick to your lane. Let him know!
  6. You sure aren’t interested in dating others!
  7. You go to his house and leave a couple of things behind! Your bra, panty, tampons, your comb, shower gel can I go on?
  8. You feel he compliments you fully as a capable being!

So there we go! I thought I’d share some few tips! Hope they help and have fun DTRing! It feels good when you know you are in control! Got some more I’ve left out, feel free to share..




8 thoughts on “DTR? Uhm, heck yess!!!

  1. Yaaaaas girl yaaaas… We need to know cause my fine self aint gonna sit around confused at to what we are. A beg do you want me or not…Amua na ufanye haraka!! Loved the post..
    P.s. if you’re good at DTRing, the nigga wont even know what hit minute he chillin..the next well..gotta keep it PG 13😏😏…


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