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Imma curve you too!!!

Is been a minute man!!!

Well am sorry I was busy revising and doing my mid quarters so I did not have couple of hours to spare but now am back and ready to drop a piece am hoping y’all will enjoy!

The exams were pretty fine, thanks for asking!

Now this is what happened,

They (2 girls-E J and T) had been friends long enough! Their relationship was solid enough and they were growing one another, they were a real definition of true besties! They never spent all their time together and shared every little business going on in their lives, but they were good!!! Then this boy happened. He did not know that these girls were besties. He showed interest in E J! Genuine interest in friendship and so they all started hanging out together. But after some time he started feeling a little uncomfortable and broke away! Now emotional feelings came into play! By now we should establish that emotional feelings are not a good thing! They ruin things big time! Take this from me. If the feelings aren’t mutual or reciprocated, my friend I have news for you, they are from satan! So back to my story, feelings happened!

Long story short, the boy liked one girl! He liked E J. E J was shocked cause she hadn’t thought of the boy like that. She gave him no reply for whatever reasons best known to her! E J  finally decided to curve him! To curve is to reject! What would we do without urban dictionary?

Time lapsed and this boy ‘developed’ feelings for T! What a coincidence? Haaa ikr!!! but before she answered another boy came into play! Now this is the big deal!!! The story! He was acting like Mr. advocate for all men and what he said was,

Ladies, because he tried to talk to your friend and got curved, doesn’t mean you gotta curve him too!

Now lemmie tell you, if  my girl curved you man, I kid you not am gonna curve you too!!! For days, months or years! It doesn’t matter!!! Hunny, its a cold, cold world! Best deal with it!

Boy, there is no way on earth am going to break girl code for you!!! You see, thing is its not okay to date your your friend’s ex, someone she dated only casually and someone she went on one or two dates with, and it didn’t work out! By the mere fact that you haboured feelings for her, that marked the end to something that had never even begun!


She must have curved you for a reason man! So yea don’t even think of coming my way, to find solace or whatever. Ain’t gonna happen! Worst case scenario is if you knew and saw us hanging out together! Boy, I’d feel insulted to say the least! Oooh so before then I was transparent? I wasn’t opaque ey? Or you’d see a boy? Oooh just so that you know am not bitter or anything. I’m just being frank! So now with that said, if I was T, I wouldn’t even stomach your presence!!! But sadly, fortunately or unfortunately I’m not T!



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