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After it’s all said and done!

Lets agree on one thing here, you have an opinion and so do I!

Get this straight, opinions aren’t facts! They are simply that-opinions. So you might agree or disagree and its entirely fine, after all we cant be the same neither can we think alike. The beauty of it all is the difference in it!!!

And so the discussion from last week did not end from last weeks blog post, it continued off air and off the blog! The responses I got were rib cracking…I was going round looking for a place to buy chills cause mahn some people dint have it completely!!! If you did not read it the link is right here. So here is what I decided to do, pick some responses I got and share with y’all! Off course  with a little of Miss’ Waigi twist! I mean??? What would it be without it…

‘As much as they are straight, they aren’t real men’ she said! Not me but her! And so it is at this point I realized that real is actually relative and so is almost everything else!



(This is what real men are about or what they should do)

1. Read

I fail to understand…I mean, do you have any idea how much knowledge is stacked away..I just can’t!

2. Current affairs

I understand they y’all not  journalists and stuff but be informed. As i said in 1. above, read. You don’t have to bury yourself in a 600 page novel, get the news paper, follow current affairs, read magazines, blogs there is a whole lot to learn from!

3. Groom impressively!

Two words, be presentable

4. Grow a pair and ask her out

Bruh whatchyu waiting for? Water that garden before someone else does it for you!!!

5. Don’t you dare scamp on the foreplay

Can I give you unsolicited advice? Yes? No? Well its not like you have a choice, am gonna write it anyway, foreplay is important, I  think I should say extremely important part of the ritual! You screw it, you screw everything else that would have come after!

6.Balance talking,listening and when to keep quiet!

I know I know…seems so hard but its possible! If you master this? Heaven straight away!

7. Don’t spend money that you don’t have

You see that Mr. Price, Woolworths and all these other fancy clothe stores? Leave them and let them be! If you can’t afford it, grind harder to afford it. Don’t wear debt, it don’t look sexy at all!

8. Quit treating women like objects!

Yea so this is the bs they tell! There is this one that I really am interested in, then there there is that one I have zoned for days she be lady #2, then there is my bff, there is the one who has legit kisses, oow there is the fwb blah blah blah…young man? were taught that respect is a vital aspect of life? You should know better! Be better! If you can’t hack, please just go back to blue movies!

9. Less porn, more sex

Give that hand a rest. Get some cardio instead! Let the lube lie a little longer on the shelves!

There is a whole lot more but those are the ones I decided to settle on!

Have fun reading!



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