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Eeh Metrosexu…what???

Am still trying to get my way through this blog cause the amount of cobwebs here….heee not funny! This is therefore to mean, block game-strong af!!! But we need to push ourselves sometimes and get the gist of it? Right? So today in studio, boy oh boy, it was liiiiiit! Great music, amazing hosts and the discussion…can I hear drum rolls taaaaaaaataraaaaaaaaaa MetroSexuality!

Eeeh so ladies lets talk about these male species…and you men, where do you fall…

So off course the discussion went on even off air and people took different sides and brought in their school of thoughts as I invite you to do the same in the comment box down there but where do I even start? ‘With the definition off course! come on now Ella!’ Eiish aayt, relax! A Metrosexual is a guy who is very straight but meticulous about grooming and his appearances and other things. But it begged me to ask, how far is too far? And how metro sexual does a guy have to be to say ‘boy, enough is enough?’

So follow me and lemmie break it down for you! A metrosexual;

1. Can’t walk past Mr. Price without making a purchase!

Bruh I could give you better ideas on how to use that money! Am a girl and I don’t shop all the the time…hello???

2. 10 pairs of shoes, dozen pair of sunglasses, as many watches and wait for it…..a man purse!!!

Shoes? Its okay! Sunglasses? eeeeh okkkaaaaay… Watches? all you want in the world babe! Man purse? tf! what was that again? What language is that cause I cannot seem to comprhend…

3. You see a stylist instead of a barber simply because barbers don’t do highlights

Well yea, that’s supper cool! We’d get to hang out more…

4. Can make lamb shanks for dinner and cinnamon chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast all from A-Z

Boy please, cooking goes without saying! No discussion! I need to see the effort! Am not asking you to be a chef but please you need to know your way around the kitchen! Being a chef is always an added score 🙂

5. You wear Calvin Klein boxer-briefs

Eeeh….I will silenty pass on this one…..

6. Shaving more than just your face oh plus guess what exfoliate and moisturize

Shaving these other places eeeh??? Can I pass on this one too? Exfoliate? eehm butdo you have to? Moisturize? yah that is okay!

7. Pick up truck? for what?

Wee hii ni tricky….

8. Cannot even begin to fathom a day without hair products.

Boy have you become me?

9. Wine off course! Beer is just for eeeh lemmie not even say but wait am not even done need to know what was the estate and vintage

We could actually have a lot in common!!!

10. Flattered that gay guys hit on them but repulsed by the fact that people think they are gay!

Like daah???? Wait, what? flattered when boys hit on you? No no no! And equally flattered when a girl notices you? With the same intensity? Boy please! Boy bye!

So there we go! What do you think?



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