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If the shoe fits…

Hey I like you. I really like you.

I want you, you want someone else, someone else wants me…

So yours truly Andy Young one of the best deejays and co-host around campus told me one thing, “Ella, never stick to your lane!” I did not understand why he was saying this but now it makes so much sense. So even now I tell you, don’t stick to your lane.

I had a list of what I wanted in a guy which almost every girl has..but come to think of it, the same freaking list is the reason most of us are single or so I suppose. Oh tall, dark and handsome, oh curly hair, oh a hell of a physique, cute smile, he can hug <at this point am hoping you know that there are people who cannot hug nicely> but one, captain wachira…heeee hug for days!!! and so on and so forth but key word is but, but that is not what was on my list and it really doesn’t matter what was…

So you say you are in a relationship…ooh well good for you, but guess what I like you. You actually my type.

Eyelids flutter, lips twitch …

Don’t be surprised mahn! its a normal feeling last time I checked. I don’t want to put you in a situation or spoil our friendship. There is more to our friendship so I’d rather not spoil it but telling you what I feel is the least I owe you, I think. I don’t want you to leave her and be with me if the feelings are not mutual. Its just a liking am developing towards you. Or now I cannot like you?

Okaaaaaaaay *sighs*

Relax! Don’t stress…its never that serious. Its not like I put a gun to your head. The moment I walk out of that door, life is gonna go back to normal. Ok, am lying here but its not gonna be awkward from my end. I looooove Mark Masai on NTV but do you see me acting weird when….uuhm I don’t know when….but all am trying to say is, I’ll strive for things to be normal between us and so should you. Now deal with that. The ball is on your court now.

My beautiful co host also told me, Just because there is one goal keeper, doesn’t mean I cant score! Plus, there is always someone out there with a better game than …. than whoever..

So I’ll not stick to my lane and wait for you to take notice. The -am in a relationship, am busy blah blah blah- bull, save it for someone else. I’d really appreciate your straightforwardness.Aaaand what I did there is think like a man and act like a woman.

Now can we talk about that assignment we were given? When is it due?




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