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Told yah, I got you!

Now this is wassup! Before some of you start critiquing and throwing stones allow me to share this. So one day I slept (hahah as if I normally don’t) and I had this dream. Mind you,  seldom do I remember my dreams but this particular one, just stood out. Wait for it, I dreamt that I was a guy who was deeply in love with this mami but on that day of the dream we were arguing about something that I think I’d rather save you. But please get your mind outta the gutter…

tongue out

Now since I have had a night in the life of a man this is what I have gathered for you all. Ladies this is the point you decide that you have no one other than myself to thank for your love life!

the thinking jacket

When a man says he is OK. Note its OK and not okay, what he is saying is he can deal with his upset!

When he says he is fine, what he is saying is he can successfully deal with his problem he don’t need your help.

Its nothing, everything that is actually bothering me is nothing I cannot handle hun! And please don’t ask me questions.

Its alright. Clearly its not alright but you need to give me some space and stop offering suggestions since I can resolve everything within myself.

Its no big deal really. We both know its heck of a deal but all he is saying is its no biggie cause he can make things work again. Just don’t dwell on the issue. Aayt?

When he comes and says its no problem, he actually means every bit of it. He is a man, he is supposed to have the big pants on all the time right? Solve and fix everything huh? So this is his specialty..its no problem he will find a solution.

Am done now.

p.s men are just like rubber bands. When they pull away, they can only stretch so far before they spring back again. This something close to getting close, pulling away then getting close again. When he actually does pull away, don’t follow him. Let him be. He will spring back like yesterday! Why they pull away, idk, maybe they should tell us

last face.jpg


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