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Y’all Can Thank Me Later!

Y’all remember the post on,‘George Guy’ your fault! there is some place i mentioned, if only George had understood the woman’s language he would not be in the situation he was in??? Remember? Yea right so its about time we broke it down for the male species and let them in so that when we ‘communicate’ you get it in the context that we actually mean. Yea? Good. Soo, leggo

When women are having their moments while in an argument, their words are not meant to be taken literally. They are experts when it comes to speaking figuratively. Now don’t get me wrong and twist my words into not taking her seriously when she is mad, boy you will only have yourself to blame but since I got y’all, this is what you need to know, aayt? cool!

I feel like you never listen

yactml 1

Thing is, “NEVER” is being used to express the frustrations she is feeling at that particular minute. Don’t take it as factual and now start making a big deal out of it.

I wish I’d forget everything

Pencil Sketches of Couples love, friends and Kiss by ZiZinG (17)

All she is trying to mean is that she is overwhelmed today. She’s heard so much to deal with in a day and she needs a break. She needs to relax and meditate. No pressures no worries. Just let loose.

You don’t listen to me anymore

photo 5

Would you be more supportive and ask me questions, enquire whats up? Care to acknowledge and re assure me that it shall be fine and you still are my no. 1 supporter.

Literally nothing seems to be working! Nothing at all!!!

yactml 3

Things TODAY just don’t seem to be going as planned. All my expectations are not being met and I can’t help but feel short changed. Just hug and hold on to me and tell me you are there for me even if everyone else is not.

We are always in a hurry. You take things too fast


I feel so rushed today. Its no one’s fault and I know you want nothing but the best for us and you are doing what you can to get us there but today lets just lie next to one another and go down memory lane and re-visit our past and remind of ourselves where it is we have come from.

I want more romance. I want romance


I am not saying that you haven’t been romantic, all am saying is today surprise me. step up that game. Give me a massage, hold me and feel me. lets go on a date. Candles and flowers or something. Today is just one of those days.

You don’t love me anymore

images 10

Thing is I know you love me already, but some re assurance wouldn’t hurt. Not that I doubt you or us but oh well, it isn’t too much to ask is it? Am just feeling a little insecure today. It makes me feel good hearing the three magic words from you.

So there we go. That’s just about it. So next time she says something like that or close to that, you know how to deal with the situation.



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