Y’all Can Thank Me Later!

Y’all remember the post on,’George Guy’ your fault! there is some place i mentioned, if only George had understood the woman’s language he would not be in the situation he w… Source: Y'all Can Thank Me Later!


Giggly Entrapment

So apparently this is what we say, I feel like Adele Onyango trynna bust 7 myths false…


black girl

In an ever-evolving world, lasses holds as much power as the alpha male despite the fact that a majority aren’t keen to flaunt this influence. The ‘foxes’ are still as cunning as always and in pursuit of what defines their femininity, they are now taking the lead in demanding for what is rightfully theirs. These are some of the lines girls will use to knock you off your guard:

1. “My cable won’t work, come fix it for me.”

She probably bought a new television set and needs someone to set it up. Instead of calling the cable company’s customer service, she takes advantage and invites you over. Girls do love a man who is handy. Needless to say she checks you out through the entire process soliloquizing on ways to get you to stay longer. Once you are done fixing the cable, she’ll ask you to watch a movie…

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