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Slide in the DM? Hell yea!!!

♬It goes down in the DM…It go down…♬so am sure y’all have heard of this…

Its about that time and today we are talking about the DM situation. Its not written on stone that this has to apply only in instagram like in Yo gottis song so I took a minute and thought about it and decided, you know what, ig gimmie a break and also it doesn’t have to be as nasty as in the song…we gon DM in whatever app we want to, not that I have a problem with IG or snapchat, am jus saying!

Anyone can slide in the DM let’s start from there and am assuming that there is a reason why. Normally it doesn’t happen to those people who have been talking, texting, apping…in other words communicating cause oh well you have been talking, I mean what more would you want? She or he Is already in contact list!! This applies note in my opinion, to those who are trying to ignite something whatever it is for the first time.

Now there need be a strategy for this. You just don’t go in like that…that is what a hyena would do, but now that you not one, or so I believe, then you must be smart and creative enough to get the ‘prey’ at the end of the day. So how about we discuss the rules huh?

1. Have a motive
Its only sane to have a reason as to why you are doing something and in this case sliding in the DM. Otherwise, then we got nothing to talk about.

2. This I borrowed from Yo gotti himself and you sure as hell can take this to the bank -DO NOT SCREENSHOT! Damn it, just DON’T.
Why screenshot though if its not your girl you talking to and shit just got real? Taking a screenshot is like telling on someone to someone. See what I did right there? haha. So if you trynna impress this shawty or this guy why then would you start a conversation in that typa way? Be real man!!!

3. Research is crucial!
We all know a picture is worth a thousand words but ever asked whether its positivity or negativity? People nowadays are putting up pictures of others as themselves and they got such a good game that you don’t realize that they are not being real. The ‘catfish situation’ yes that’s what am exactly talking don’t need Sam and Nev to come all the way here and bail you out of a sticky situation.

4. Be real!
So you saw this girls photos , and you thanking God for such a beautiful work of Art, and you liking what you seeing…so you decide. Imma slide in her DM…Motive check, No screenshots check, Research check now my brother as much as she a billion dollar hot, be true to your real self! Don’t put on an act and take on a fake personality only in the name of impressing her, you can only run the show too long and by the time you realize, she don’t got time for fake beings!

5. Be thirsty but not too thirsty rather.
We all have our own level of thirstyness,wait is that even English? But y’all get what am trying to say, right? Its okay to have the need but as you are addressing the need, make sure you don’t look too needy. Neediness is a mindset, so all you gotta do is change the mindset, she might be a work of art but not a a god to be worshipped. Thing is don’t be desperate. You’ve been surviving all this time haven’t you?

6. Have boundaries
We all need boundaries, we all need some space. Refrain from being that constant person who will always be there as he goes through his DM. Let him actually notice that you got boundaries too! Let her know that besides sliding in her DM you got a life too. Allow them to notice that you actually didn’t happen. Don’t let them get used to the fact.

7. Hope for the best but expect the worst.
After its all said and done, have some hope. Believe she’ll or he’ll reciprocate the gesture. You never know. To this point, its up to him or her. Sit back and let your game speak for you. Don’t have high expectations cause you might get disappointed.

Also something else I should have mentioned earlier, one can DM text too, doesn’t have to be pictures only.

So there you go! Got more rules that I might have Left out? The commentary is empty..feel free to share!
✌and ❤❤


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