Listen up bruh!

I know i know you snooze you loose…but I didn’t snooze. I mean…I wore the big girl pants and came up straight and told you what I felt. Can’t you even see the effort I made?

The heck? Becky? she your girlfriend? Since when? How’d I not see this coming? Why did my 6th sence not come into play? I thought what we had going on was solid! Was real! Was mutual! For a minute I had pictured us driving home from our daughters academic clinic day! But guess what you just spoiled it all. You crashed it.


Maybe I shouldn’t really have pictured us together. Maybe I shouldn’t have build castles in the air! But how’d I have known they were castles in the air if I thought what was going on was mutual?! My only motive was you to be mine and I, yours.


Did I act alittle to late? I wonder! Or maybe I should be angry at Becky…but on second thought, she aint got nothing to do with what we had going on. But lemmie understand, is Becky some sort of revenge for something? Have I been like a side chic? You knew all too well I was feeling your vibe, so why couldn’t you just handle the situation and just tell me that you actually have Becky? That it is the norm for you to act flirtatious with all the girls you come across? That you were only after a platonic friendship?

Ooh well, am never gon get answers to that so I might aswell stop hoping. They say girls love to define the relationship even before its started, but this case is different all together. And so what if girls love to DTR? I shall and will DTR anything that crosses my path cause I need to be certain in all my kind of ~ships. No one wants to be in a relationship alone! Ain’t nobody got time for that bruh!


So this is it, I decide not to stick to my lane, I try to DTR, I fail miserably cause now there is Becky from God knows where, but me knowing all this is priceless. I knew what I wanted, I went for it, sadly I didnot get it. But bro I ain’t gon mourn about it, I ain’t gon go through a depression about it and most definitely will not ruin my make up with tears Clearly am a big girl and will handle rejection sanely and move on. MOVE ON.

Parting shot, you want something? Go get it! Doesn’t matter whether its the norm or not! The gratification, is normally overwhelming. And that way, you are able to make sound decisions.


14 thoughts on “Listen up bruh!

  1. Sometimes, God removes what we don’t need in our lives, we feel bad, if only we really knew, we’d be praising him even the more!
    Good read.

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