Yea yea so we were all up in arms hating on the zone ‘being zoned’ I mean and we even came up with other different type of zones to soothe our egos, the food zone etc…remember? Now I know there are those souls or that one person, who will say, speak for yourself madam…yes and I do know you but lemmie speak for those we thought alike…

I sat and I recollected my thoughts and guess what, can’t believe am saying this but the zone isn’t so bad after all. If anything, you should enjoy being zoned for as long as forever! Okay not forever but it isn’t such a bad place to be in. Now you can stop rolling your eyes, wondering whats wrong with this woman and take a chill pill and listen to what Ella has to say.

I live with my sister who is married and what amazes me about their marriage is one thing…these guys are FRIENDS. It might sound cliche but these people are the best of friends and they have been together for years. So what am saying is “‘moving away from old people’ to us young people 😉 ” being zoned gives you an opportunity to be friends with this particular guy or miss. The beauty of it is, for a relationship to thrive, I think the two parties concerned need to be grounded at the friendship level before going on to the next level or whatever kind of -ship is out there. I fail to understand how someone can say they are in a relationship and so much in love yet they have best friends who aren’t their partners, well not unless they are of the same sex or family! How now? Someone make me understand!

So here is how I look at it, when you are in the zone, you get to learn this person, their strengths, their weaknesses, what they are all about, how often they get angry, what makes them angry, their favorite color, their dreams, their ambitions, how strong their faith is, their pet peeves and so on, then after this you get to know how and with what angle to approach someone. You might as well call it strategy, smart strategy! If they are putting on an act, they can only do so for so long and at the end of the day you get to have your cake and eat it.


zone image

Now, am no relationships expert but I can say this for a fact, to y’all guys out there zone me cause I’ll zone like there is no tomorrow, and I mean experience is always the best teacher.




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