First and fore  most I apologize to all guys called George. Its not that I have anything against any of you…its only that George fits the topic..wait even I don’t have a friend called George!

Two, I have been anything but active-sorry! I literally let my holiday come into play and I …well am sorry to my readers, now Ella is back 🙂

George George George…So now why are you blaming me that George is in my life now?

Here is what he said (another guy), lets call him Frank. So Frank is fuming and literally breathing fire. He had something going on with this mami for a while now. No title to it and they chose to let things be and fall into place in their own time. Neither initiated ‘the conversation’ and so they never talked about the serious stuff.

Fast forward a month later, Frank is blown away senseless when she introduces George as her boyfriend! Offended actually that she did not let Frank in on the whole situation, but here is what she had to say, you snooze you loose!

So Frank slept on his job and just like that the mami was swept away by none other than this George guy, and before we even go on, its your fault Frank that George came into the picture so you can have several seats down and redirect that anger elsewhere! Had you wanted things to be serious between us, you would have made it as clear as day and night. That is where you failed. 2. Had you taken time to learn a woman’s language, we would not even be discussing this. Tell you what, its not my problem you have to learn your mother tongue, Swahili, English,  foreign language(s) and on top of that a woman’s language too and you can take this to the bank-the last one is vital! 3. You ought to have manned up, put on your big boy pants and approached me and told me you know what, is like this. Am no angel to know whats going on in your head and this is what killed it. You owed me an explanation!!!

Are you God knows what kidding me Frank? I owe you an explanation? as who? Lemmie school you, you did not put a title to what has been going on, you did not ask me to be your girlfriend and you did not man up! So its your fault George came into the picture and now here we are!


Here now is what I think, Frank has no right at all to be angry…talk to me, tell me what you think!




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