Real niggas don't play temple run...they go to the zoo, slap a lion then run! Ikr!!! The topic puzzles you huh? And the first sentence too?? I know it would puzzle me!, but I  would not wait to read what would be in store and so should you. Stick around to see what I think… Continue reading BITCH? NIGGA? NIGGER!


27.12.15 💏

just read! simple!!!



27/12/15 represents the day that Bae popped the question ?

Hello there? 🙂
Okay so after he picked my sister and I from the airport I honestly thought he was dropping me home immediately. I literally had no makeup on and the only thing that made me look sexy was my summerhat ? and shorts But we found ourselves in Village market and I remember asking him why we were there. He told me to wait for him in the car as he went to pick something. I offered to take him as usual but he insisted I stay in the car ? So after sometime he came back and found me seated at the drivers’ seat( I was showing my sister Sheila how cool ? I would look if I drove his car.

I noticed he was holding something. And he said to me ‘I have paid for parking…

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