Heeeey lovely people…here again we go. How was your Easter holiday??? Well that goes out to my christian fellas… As for my other friends from different religions hope you had a good time to yourselves. My Easter was aaah…..uhm…well just that-Easter. I cannot really explain the feeling I had but it was just okay. Hope someone did something good for you during that time or you did something good to someone over the period. Hahahahahah heee people are just sick…there is this joke I heard and it was on another level!!! Ati we have Judas to thank for a whole weekend getaway inclusive of Friday and Monday simply cause had Judas Iscariot (the guy rather the disciple who betrayed Jesus) not kissed Jesus on that day, Jesus would not have been crucified, died and risen on the 3rd day (so we would not have Easter)!!!! haha…hope you get the joke! Anyways this is not the course of today’s topic. Could be quite disturbing why am talking about Jesus yet am talking of thots at the same time!!!

Okay..shout out to the best crew ‘morning madness’ cause we always find a way of recharging one another every morning!!! So here we go, this is the question-she a hoe, or she not? Remember you entitled to your own opinion!

… (conversation)

the guy : So you wanna be treated like a hoe???? Really? I’ve never paid for nothing sexually. I wouldn’t even be comfortable seeing you no more like that yo. It’s all good. I’m gonna erase your number. Have a good one.

the chq : Because I actually want something that makes me a hoe? Niggas ask for p****y, head all the time but don’t want to do shit for women but the minute a woman asks for something in return she is a hoe, a thot, a golddigger, a slut! But its all gravy when a bitch is sucking and slurping for free and walking away with nothing. Niggas are really selfish and greedy. Always demanding shit but look at you sideways when you ask for some shit.

…(conversation though am not sure what went on)

Well as you all know we had our own opinions which amazingly enough we got to a common ground with this guy- DJ Andy Young! On the same team this amazing mami Darya Keesh we were of the idea that she not a thot and if at all one,, the guy is the PROBLEM! Off course Andy went hard saying she a thot and that we are not empathizing with the guy!

2 ways to address this,

  1. The guy should not be complaining because if she was a one night stand or she was really a hoe then he should have seen this coming and should have known even without waiting to be asked that he should give this mami something!!!
  2. The guy should not be complaining because if he has done the deed with this mami and hit it once, twice, thrice up to whatever time, then he should know this mami enough not to call this mami a hoe!!!  i mean!!! smh!!!

So talk to me, share your opinion your thoughts your 5th cent!

Mine is, (conclusion) well…imma let you know but first let me know yours!

Lets be interactive! peace! 🙂



22 thoughts on “A THOT NOT A THOT?!

  1. Very interesting though, a very debatable topic. Depends on how you want to look at it. Girls who sell sex for money are called hoes. Are you aware that there are guys who pretty much do the same? and its so annoying, needless to say its a man’s world. We still live in a patriarchal society, where the dominant male still rules. So that means, if there’s a guy out there who sells his body for cash, he is the man! need i say more! i think this is hogwash but that’s how the men have been socialized to believe.

    I have this theory. If a man and a woman decide to both indulge in sexual activity, that’s there business. Whether there’s one party getting paid or not is not the issue, coz clearly the moral compass of our society has been dwindled and diminished. So who are we to judge? not everyone is perfect, okay.
    Live your life, and do what seems good and healthy for you.

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  2. Depending on how the conversation proceeded thereafter,we can have different approaches.
    Assuming the guy had hit it several times,that changes their relationship altogether hence unfair branding her a hoe.
    Then again the guy says he’s never paid for nothing sexually,what does that imply?

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  3. I’m trying to comment, I just can’t get what to say really , I don’t think sex is a currency, sex was made for marriage, we twist things but it is what it is.
    My cup of tea awaits my consumption now.

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  4. if there was some feeling between these two, then shes not a thot.

    and this guy should be a gentleman and tell the girl if he can do what she wants or not..straight. Not calling her a hoe coz she asked for something.
    Hoes aren’t the only people that ask for things……..

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