Heeeey lovely people, here we go! Another blog post and excited about this one. I feel like being a little emotional and personal today. Don’t know how and why am having this feeling but am feeling it anyway and so I will write about.

So I officially allow you to delve into Miss Waigi’s life for a minute. (ok, you understand that is figurative, right?)

Am gonna talk about the men in my life. More so, those close to me!!! And with that I have 2 brothers. No, 3 brothers. 3 handsome men. (you all single ladies should take note of this.) God given gifts to mum, my sisters and of course me!!!! But allow me to talk about the last one. It is to him that this letter is addressed to. As for you two, (now am talking to my other 2 brothers-do not catch feelings! I will send you letters too) Am gonna fill this post with photos and make it colorful. Like am compensating for my other published blog posts without photos. Wink 🙂

bro 1


bro 2

Papa 20160318_122511

Heeey yoo bro!!! I miss you man! Hope school is doing you good. You remember the deal we made??? well you had better keep your end of the bargain. I miss our fights, you know! And the bhajias you buy for me when you close school. I still haven’t forgotten the shawarma deal we made and so you will get your shawarma once you close school.

Your niece misses you too. She says she will not go for a sleep over at shoshos house (now my mum!! imagine my mum is a shosho already wuuui) if you are not around! Every weekend she will ask “Is baboocha at home or at school” (baboocha is what my pretty niece says. I think in her little head saying baboocha is easier than saying Gabbu)

Moment of truth, now do not be angry at your sister…it is what siblings do…

I took your shoes and made them mine. Well not forever but until you get back

You see how perfectly they fit? So I suggest you just let me keep them.

That is the only truth. But make me understand, what does putting your hand there mean????20160110_141225.jpg

and am talking about your left hand…. you said you would tell me which you did not but am glad when I told you to chuck it from there you listened.


Isn’t he just lovely???

I know some of you are drooling…Kwanza nani….heeee lemmie not mention names.


Look at how short he is. Boy you still got hopes of getting to my height??? hahahah wooow, all the best little man.

By the way, we are having a dance on youth Sunday so comes with moves. I mean the junior youths. (so just you know, my brother can dance!!!)

Gabbu is 3 years my junior. I guess that is is why we are just an amazing lot. Mum can attest to this. He bully’s me at times and runs after me like a roadrunner and my only hope is mum cause he cannot do anything to me when mum is there. This is what mum says, “weeeee acha kucheza na msichana wangu! enda utafute wako huko nje…” then he gives me this look of, ‘wait until mum is gone, am gonna play need for speed na full volume na sitaasha jiko’


Well he is amazing regardless.

Parting shot,

Bro please don’t make bets with your friends on which girl and or how many girls to sleep with. Just don’t. I know you are not promiscuous, am just saying. Am sure you wouldn’t want any men making bets on me or your other sisters.

I LOVE YOU GABBU. From here to Madagascar and to the moon and back.




24 thoughts on “LETTER TO MY BROTHER

  1. ebu first someone make me understand why i am not this mama’s sister, because i am honestly jealous. second, why doii i have to be older than Gabbu seriously this ninja has grown into such a site to stare at. he is all grown and handsome just the other day he was such a cute little boy, tunazeeka miss waigi i am afraid so. He is the luckiest brother there ever was to have such a resilient sister.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwwwww
    this is the sweetest letter ever..
    Makes mefeel like I know him already..
    Hahaha ata mimi I will buy him a shawarma 😂
    Keep that relationship strong.. Some of us wish we had a brother..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks…I felt yours was the sweetest too. I think at this point, we just have to appreciate what God has blessed us with! And am gonna tell him you getting him a shawarma too! He’s gonna be sooo happy!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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