Heeeeeee where do I even start??? As if project X wasn’t enough of a blow, other people had to go ahead and press it hard!!! I just cant!!! Sad enough it had to be the female species dominating the scene…and the society has made it seem okay for men to easily get away with things and let it rest and say “he is a man anyway ….” or say whatever else we say. But as for women, we get to be judged to harshly and treated as outcasts as if we are more of human beings than the men are!!! Whether it is a good thing or not, whether we deserve the harsh treatment or not, I think sometimes we only have ourselves to blame.

Allow me to tell you what I thought about project X and the out roar it yielded on mainstream and social media, I WAS NOT SURPRISED! yaaaah that simple. I mean these things do happen just that they are for referrals and do not receive all the spotlight but point is, they happen. Until I watched this video on youtube.

Heeeee, whaaaaaat!!! I thank God my mum is kinda analogue (mum si chuki…you know I love you irrespective) okay, not thaaaaat analogue but point is, I dont know what the point is cause it might backfire on me but I just hope my mum never gets to see this video.

What am I talking about??? Have you all watched that video on youtube? Noti flow – birthday cake official video??? Am even ashamed yet am not in that video. It is sickening, it is disgusting, it is distasteful and anything else you might think of!!! Am not telling you to go watch but if you want to understand where am coming from just go on you tube and watch it. Ama its boils down to appreciating ones sexuality and feminism…idk!!!

Kama kawaida we were talking about this topic on the best urban campus radio 99.9fm #MorningMadness who got your morning covered every day 8-10 am and as youths we were wondering if this is the direction we want our music videos to head and not only music but everything in general? Is it the brand we want to show out there??? Does our society even allow us to go this overboard??

Some may say its only a music video and a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do but still, aren’t there any limits on how far people should go?? Others might argue that there are directors and as we all know they are good at barking orders (no offense, no catching of feelings) and they tell you on how to do what to do…some will say that this is more or less like a movie scene which is kind of x rated and yet at the end of the day, they make money, they pay rent, pay insurance covers etc

But what do you say? What are your 2, 3, 4, 5 cents on the rate of rachetry in the Kenyan society? To make it clear, I aint judging no one, am just speaking out …. but shhh lemmie tell you something…I thought it was soft porn somehow.




13 thoughts on “RATE OF RACHETRY

  1. westernization is getting into people’s heads.. we should embrace our values that always end up saving us. at the end of the day, everyone must deal with the choices they make

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  2. it is so saddening how by day we keep losing our values and dignity. how do we expect to be treated with respect yet we depict the complete opposite, what happened to our standards and morals. for a moment i thought i should have a glance at that video, but on second thought i am not doing that, i don’t think i wanna lose my sleep out of pity over people who have no self respect! we need to lady up maan

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  3. Its quit saddening that everyone is brain washed by westernization…… Most youngsters think if u dont do any of these things(drugs, smoke, sex) you are uncool…… Every youngster wants to be cool…. I wish everyone practised being themselves and focused on heathly growth. I think this would minimise the immorality in our society……

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