PROJECT ‘X’No one goes back home a virgin

And the discussion continues…I do not even know where to start. This topic has been attacked with different angles creating numerous perspectives to the so famous project x.

(am still thinking where to start)

(aaaaaahm, eeeeh, mmmmnh…)

(got an idea..)

So now, I want to believe we’ve all watched the movie project x debuted in 2012? If not, you could check it out but hold on, who buys 2012 movies in 2016??? smh! what you could do is, check out its trailer on youtube, it is 1 min and 35 secs and for those who cannot do the above two, allow me to break it down for you. Its about this shy, soft spoken boy who is a mid teen. He is not well known in school and he goes for a course to create publicity and make the girls notice him. The first opportunity he gets, he goes haaard!!! So his parents go away for a weekend and what does the boy decide to do? hold a house party of course. And that is where the drama goes down. Things get blown out of proportion and the rest, I can only leave to your imagination…

That should give you an  idea of what is to be expected if at all that party goes down as planned.

(back to the kenyan version of project x)

“No one goes back home a virgin”

“On March 12th, history will be made…chiqs…dudes and a whole lot of booze …come experience the House Party everyone is talking about …no rules…no regulations…carry your own high …whether it’s herbs…pills…everything is legal”

“Everything goes…the less you wear the better… Project X”

“In order to play Taxi, you must first choose the number of tokens (hits) to take per turn. Gather everyone into a circle and have the first player hit the joint pass the joint to the left without exhaling. Everything goes… the less you wear the better ”

Now that is project x for you. But am surprised as to why people are being surprised due to the out roar of project x. I mean…these kind of parties happen any other day only that  people do not speak out about them. Do we blame the information age and the fact that we have been availed with numerous platforms to speak out? Are some parties involved failing?  Where are the parents  input in upbringing their kids? What is the role of the society? And lastly, what of that specific individual who attends such parties?

Putting out as ‘no one gets out a virgin’ makes is a sex orgy and not a party! but remember its for over 18, and the constitution states that you are accountable and of consent.

My question is, do we go back to the era of beating up kids and forcing information out of them? or better yet, how hard is it or rather, is it hard to get down to a friendship level and talk to the youths clearly. Tell them facts, have sexual talks and then leave the rest up to them and God? I don’t know.

This whole topic is disturbing and saddening. It drains me…

What do you think?

Speak out you opinion, its the only thing you have…




25 thoughts on “PROJECT ‘X’No one goes back home a virgin

  1. The movie was something.. I think the Kenyan version might go even harder..its enough to say the society has failed in demonstrating morality boundaries.when did fun get to be defined along such lines? Food for thought

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  2. The movie was quite something. I have a feeling the Kenyan one might go even harder. The society has fallen short of defining boundaries of morality.When did fun get to be defined along those lines? Nice piece, its actually food for thought

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  3. I believe morality is important, we can blame parents but really, parents are given those kids so that they can raise them in whatever way they want , but I strongly believe this is totally young people acting stupid and making terrible decisions, that aside, These guys who sell alcohol to these kids, or condoms to someone you’d call my son or daughter, see the whole system is a mess, the ones we are to emulate are busy loading millions in the trunks of SUVs, and really what do we learn… There’s no one to give direction… I recently interacted with a girl, she told me they do go for those parties and when they cannot afford to pay for the hired vehicles, they offer payment in terms of sexual favors to the drivers,
    May God have mercy on us here on earth

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    1. real sentiments and feeling there Brian and I respect that. But who is the system??? We have institutions offering condoms in their washrooms even in my school and public loo’s…what message is that supposed to send? that somethings are accepted in the society? and yet we donot have sex education in the curriculum…..mmmnh smh


      1. i admire how outspoken you are its too bad that most of the youths wld term you to be ‘analog’ for this bt ur speaking sense into most of them.parents of today are afraid of befriending their kids they have created a big barrier leaving kids to do whatever makes them happy.my opinion every person in the society has a role to play

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  4. the society is becoming more westernized and as a result, we are slowly losing our values. people should stick to what they believe as we are all responsible for our actions.

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  5. we are in a society that is becoming more westernized by the day. however, people should not forget the values they were taught. at the end of the day, every choice you make has its consequences.

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  6. The moral decadence that has ensued in Africa can no longer be ignored.Yes we are living in an era where information is delivered to us in a matter of seconds. Let’s also remember the significance of upholding values and morals that are pertinent to the society. Clearly it seems that parents are not taking their job seriously since they leave it to the nanny’s to take care of the children. The only way to stop such an upsurge of immorality in our society is to step up and be pro active ( do something!). If you have been invited in such a party, don’t go! period.

    If you know of such a party happening nearby and its illegal, call the authorities! that is it! do something ! quit yapping and start doing!

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    1. Ningel my girl!!!! saying the bold truth! I could collect that this disgusts you sooo much! but times have really changed. girls nolonger stick with their mums to be taught how to cook and boys to hunt…parents need to work and provide what they could not get at such tender ages! plus, what happened to people own initiative? lets not blame parents entirely here…


  7. I like the way we play victim when issues of being spoilt are discussed but the truth is any person above 18 shouldn’t play victim at all. I have problems with primary and high school kids getting spoilt or being lured into making bad choices. But the campus youthful pricks, have choices to make.
    Parties will always be there, the urge and curiosity to get spoilt is in every normal adolescent and youthful being but the decision mainly lies on me/us.
    We stop parties and explicit gatherings and end up doing scary things in the house,with neighbours and househelps.
    And if you think project x was gonna be another public porn orgy thing, how about those who do it in confines of private rooms and broadcast them online?

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