Hey y’all dear lovelies, I know its been a minute since i last posted…oh well I was doing my mid quarter exams and hardly had any time to visit any social platforms. Am done now and yeeeaaaaah I can breathe before the end of quarter exams are on me again. That is like 6 weeks from now. My hope is that you’ve been well, I know I have, but saddened by a couple things, and I do not know to whom I should direct this too but maybe you would all help me channel this. Wait, hold on, am I venting?? well whatever…

So before I go deeper I have to warn you or rather say this before hand. I started blogging not so long ago and uuuuh I LOVE IT but that is not the point, thing is all my blog posts have been chilled, easy and soft but this one is a little bit different. Its not my usual topic, its hard!! So don go nowhere…it affects you.

By now am sure you know am a student and a JOURNALISM MAJOR and so a member of the fourth estate thus the topic THE FOURTH ESTATE. Don’t start throwing stones just yet cause I know not most of you have no chills when it comes to media and if it were up to you, you would scrap news off from your expensive flat screen, HD and God knows what kind of TVs (am not being sarcastic btw)

We have 3 arms of the government officially but there is a fourth one and its called the fourth estate. (pls follow my pattern of thought). Its the informal adjudicator of the 3 arms, plays a role of being a voice to the voiceless, make the powerful accountable and inform the public etc. There is something I came across, on Monday as I was making rounds in the house at around 9:30 pm, my attention was stolen by a piece on a local media house and they had this feature story about idp’s and the Post Election Violence and there was this guy who was telling his story with scars all over his face so embittered saying how he would sue the Kenyan government! He lost his family thanks to PEV and till today he has never received any sort of compensation, not even 100 bob!!! NOTHING! Then these opinion court questions asked after airing that piece, ‘do you think Kenya is more cohesive now than in 2007?’ and I thought different thoughts but one which stood out was ‘so what?’. So what if it is? so what if it isn’t? An element of journalism is to ‘provide a forum of public criticism and comment. A place to share ideas, give thoughts and give relevant feedback’ and clearly the media is playing that role, but have you ever asked yourself what happens after your comments are read at the end of news bulletin? do they reach the proper heads of authority? So here are my two cents, blame the government and not the fourth estate. The government is impeccably good at painting the grave but the rot still stinks down there.

Communication is not going down to policy and the heads simply do nothing. The government should stop ignoring what the media is all about and the discussions they hold.

So before you start throwing shade ati sijui media this media that, question your government first!

Cant wait for your feedback.


p.s Do not throw stones




18 thoughts on “THE FOURTH ESTATE

  1. well my dear i kind of, sort of agree with your sentiments, but i think that the narrative of blaming the government and demanding deliberative democracy from them is literally a pipe dream. I challenge you as a journalism student to come up with a creative solution to avert this kind of everyday rhetoric that is being reiterated by the powers that be.

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    1. simple…..thanks to being information age we do not have to rely on mainstream media….we can blog and tweet and so on and so forth. so what i have taken on the initiative of blogging so that i can give my two cents since not all of us can be able to air our opinions on mainstream media.


  2. I see the journalist in you is emerging! Nice! it throws me back to my Journalism classes, sigh! Anyways, I think that the Fourth Estate and Government reinforce each other in a way, in that the media isn’t doing its role of serving the public but it is clearly serving as a mouth piece of politicians and political gibberish! The Government… well, it has never been straightforward, we all know that!

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