Hahahahahah wooooh am already excited about this topic even before I start. Interesting topic huh? This goes out to all those young people out there. So am pretty sure you all know what Netflix and chill means. I mean, in this day and era who doesn’t? (smh) if you don’t, ask, I’ll give you the answer.

So we had this discussion on radio and I take the chance to shine since am the one who came up with it :). Question was, what exactly is ‘Netflix and chill’? and there were only two answers to this. This time round there was no winner or anything of the sort but the discussion was way outta Compton. We were blowing up the studio!!! (well we always do) but today…it was just on another level.

So on Wednesday I bumped into some familiar faces while in school. As a norm we hugged and did some brief catching up. I left them to the table since I had a class and they did not. On reaching the cafeteria exit, I realized I had left my phone on the table and so I walked all the way back to pick it. Then I heard them mention Netflix. (I wasn’t eaves dropping though). In my mind I thought they were talking about Netflix and the government and you all know this drama that has been going on for a while now and how Netflix should ‘pack its bags and get going’, yaaaaaah that but Lord, I was in for a rude shock. So the discussion was Netflix and chill. I sat again. So one chiq was saying how Netflix and chill  cant just be -Netflix-and-chill-. By this I mean, it can not be a nice movie and or series and plainly  chilling you know…with popcorns and stuff….now I hope you all are following.

(back to radio now! And I did manage to go to class btw)

So I asked my producer is it possible to Netflix and chill and be faithful to the movie till the end??? and his reply….ooh my word! wait for it…..’depends on how gay you are’ IMAGINE!!! He is something!!! My co-host on the other hand said, if a guy calls you and tells you to go over to his house or your house, whichever and he says Netflix and chill……just know that is a bo*ty  call!!! Things will be blown out of proportion even before the movie has hit 20 minutes.If you want to watch a movie, then you can as well do it alone or go to IMAX. Then there was this producer for the next show and what he said left me speechless. He said, ‘The Netflix and chill situation is just like the morning sun. It only lasts for a while. 2 hrs or so, so take advantage while it lasts!!! Simply because by noon it might be toooo hot, in the evening..well its in the evening and tomorrow might just rain! You never know!

Now as I conclude, Netflix and chill is a tricky game…self control is needed, not unless you watching the likes of war room and all you can think about is praying and singing glorious hymns. But it is possible to remain faithful to the movie till the very end. And even get on to the next one. Its basically like driving at high speed. anything can happen…only you decide what should happen…

So before you call anyone or you are called to Netflix and chill…take your time!

Am out!


32 thoughts on “NETFLIX AND CHILL ;-)

  1. this all depends on the motive of the person inviting n the approach of the person invited….. psychologically its hard to watch a movie n it eds


  2. Netflix and chill got only one motive…I mean ,not unless its some horror movie,which, unfortunately its given “zero chills”…hahaha,your producer though


  3. Let me take a different standpoint. As an individual, let’s just say i am a movie freak. So let me be direct. If a guy invites me out for movies, first of all; i need to find out what his overall intentions are. Don’t get me wrong, i love fun and the adventure that comes with it, but i will need to find out what his endgame is for asking me out for ‘netflix and chill.’ you have to set your record straight, you dig me! There’s no hidden agendas or secret schmoozing that you will try on me and get with, okay! i will ask you straight out, is it that you wanna pop your cherry on me in the end or is it simple ‘ netflix and chill’

    This is for the ladies out there! beware. Guys, we ain’t as naive as you think.
    Game on Player, Bring it on!

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    1. hahahhahhahahahhahhahahahahhahah whaaaaat????
      woman, you ain got no chill pills huh????
      but allow me to ask, where did our innocence go??? Cant a guy simply invite you to just netflix and chill???? and here i speak for all the men, must there always be a reason behind everything i do? even in as much as its a good deed???


  4. yes girl! there are guys who are expecting something else to happen. i am not talking abstract stuff. This is real. So, to be safe, just ask, you don’t need to be rude or anything. With the way the world is moving, we gotta know. So if you trust your guy friend not to try and hit that ( you know what i mean!) that’s fine. Good for you.

    Anyways, I’ll stick to my original script.

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