Hey y’all, a chilly Monday it is, but that doesn’t stop Monday from being Monday. A warm mug of tea and focus plan for the week is all one needs!

Am from a radio show and the discussion was dope(heck I forgot to mention this. I am a student in a private university here in Kenya, perusing Journalism and doing radio. Well am sure you understand already, its a community radio station and so why not grow my talent while still at it?)!!! the studio was blazing hot, the opinions and thoughts being shared, whaaaaaat, we were all sweating and trying to get on air and voice our opinions and definitely be on the winning team, I mean nobody wants to loose. Imma be generous and share our topic of discussion.

So now, we all are familiar with this situation. I mean the ‘zone situation’. You have either been put there or have put someone there (This you cannot refute) . It is sort of like a two way traffic kinda thing, you do it to someone and it gets done to you by someone else.

Lets get deeper now, do you stay there? and if you do, for how long? do you stay there till death do you part? or do you plain and simple walk away? Are there any terms for sticking there?

The temperatures continued to rise, our producer said, if he friendzones you (a girl in this case) you become blood, hahaha you can never date. she becomes like your sister or that female cousin.

Woe unto girls, if you zoned, you simply don’t get out. You stick in there and just see him all the time with his significant other being all sweet and cute, taking selfies and there is nothing you can freaking do. Well, don’t feel sorry just yet, this is to show how true a woman’s feelings are. she not only loves what she can see but what she sees with her inner eyes too. Do you remain there though? Does it make you a hopeless romantic who is yet to see what life has to offer? Are your feelings more important than the friendship you initially had before the ‘affair of the heart’ started happening?

My co-host said(a guy) said, if  you are zoned, then you can’t and I say again, CANNOT date her. You only stick there and be happy for her and support her. It even ceases to be a matter of hoping. You put on your grown ass pants and realize that your friendship is more important than your feelings. Though it might bring the question of what is more important, the friendship or the feelings! Should there be a line or are they at per?

So here is what I have to say, change that zone to another kind of zone if you really have to! Could be food zone..you know? You could make the best eating buddies there lived. But as for this case, and for those who choose to stick for quite longer, its not for the light hearted. You survive. But if she calls you and not her boyfriend when she looks at the the pregnancy stick and its positive…bro, you’ve been zoned like yesterday! Walk!


keep in touch.






20 thoughts on “THE ‘ZONE’

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaww boo boo this is amazing. I love the fact that you have identified the right place to make noise. The piece is amazing.


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