Never at one point did I picture myself blogging. I did not even know what blogging was. Later when I was in my peak years of high school, I started hearing the name (blogs) ..I did not bother myself with it cause I thought it was only for the elites and those from well to do off families..I mean!

Sooo life happened and just like a flower, I blossomed and got out of my cocoon, out my comfort zone and tried something completely new and here we are..doing my own blog. (though I had my moments-God know for how long I have postponed this)

I still am finding myself and my niche too. Well, technically off course cause I already know who I am and what I want soo what I exactly mean is sharpening those skills …we learn knew thing everyday right? so my journey of blogging begins today.

And for that reas0n and it being a Wednesday, I am my own #WCW, #WCE. Proud of the step I have taken today and the days to come.

Lets keep it interactive guys…I sure do need your support πŸ™‚



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